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Yorkshire Terriers Birth

Birth of Twinkles: December 31, 2008 @ 11:48pm

Delivery of the puppy:

When the puppy is born it will be surrounded by the amniotic sac. The mother will break the sac. She then vigorously licks the puppy's face to remove fluid from the puppy's mouth and nose.

After she is done or during the process you can also suction out the remaining fluid with a blub.

Breaking the sac:

The amniotic sac should be removed within 30secs so that the puppy can breath. Start at the mouth and work it's way back.

It is important to assist the mom if she doesn't break the sac. Use a bulb to help suction fluid from the puppy's mouth and nose.

A Stuck Puppy:

Sometime's things do not go as planned and the dam may need some assistance.

If a puppy is born feet first & has half it's body out, the puppy will drown. Within minutes if the puppy does not come out of the mother you will have to assist.

Put sterile gloves on and gently pull the puppy towards the dam's head and away from her body. It may be helpful to rotate the puppy form one side to the next. Do not pull the puppy's legs but gently grab hold of the body.

In most cases lubricating the birth canal can help. You will have to hold the dam down and gently pull the puppy out. You cannot kill an already dead puppy. This has to be done and then maybe you will be able to save the pup.

If I knew this information before I started I may not have had a dead puppy.

Helping A Puppy Breath:

After a difficult delivery a puppy may need help breathing. Squeeze the puppy's chest gently from side to side and then front to back. If there isn't a breath then place your mouth over his nose and blow gently till you see the chest rise. Repeat this several times till the puppy breaths on his own.

Random Pictures:

Any pups sold can be returned to my home if they are unwanted. I do not wish to see any of my babies placed in animal shelters to be destroyed. A copy of this info will be in my contract. Please enjoy your stay & if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me.

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