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Yorkshire Terriers Breeding


Yorkie: Ninja and Pebbles Mating; Locked October 28th & 29th. Gave birth to Twinkles 3oz. Dec. 31, 2008 @ 11:48pm. Gestation 65 days.

Male's Sperm:

Breeding takes place when the male and female dogs are compatible. In male dogs the first part of their sperm is clear. The second part is cloudy and contains the sperm and the third part is prostate fluid that washes out the urethra and neutralizes the acidity of the vagina.

Male dogs should always be smaller than female dogs when breeding. This ensures that the puppies will not be too large for the females to carry. However even when this is done if the dam is only having one pup or sometimes several there still can be one that is extra large. In cases like these csections are necessary for the dam.

The Tie:

When the penis enters the vagina a blub of erectile tissue at the base is held within the vagina. This union between the two dogs is called the tie.

To be effective a tie must last for at least two to three minutes. If more than one male mates with a female during the same heat cycle she can have puppies from both of the males. DNA test will need to be done to determain who the dads are.


Normally the female dog is taken to the males house for mating because he is more confident and assertive in his own surroundings. Sometimes the females may be shy & may need the males to come to their dwelling instead.

During the mating process a female may whine or cry during the tie. As the two dogs seperate it can be painful causing them to turn and snap as you can see in my video.

Any pups sold can be returned to my home if they are unwanted. I do not wish to see any of my babies placed in animal shelters to be destroyed. A copy of this info will be in my contract. Please enjoy your stay & if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me.
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