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Yorkshire Terriers First & Second Stages of Delivery


Second Stage: December 31, 2008 Crowning


Halothane is deadly to our Toy Dogs. Please be warned as my baby Lexie died while being put under anesthetic. If your female needs to be put under for any surgery including a c-section then please be warned.

Effects of Halothane in dogs: Please visit link

Analogue techniques were applied to measurements of phasic aortic blood flow and pressure to obtain continuous recordings of peripheral vascular resistance and circulatory function in open-chest dogs during basal narcosis with chloralose. Whereas the hypotension following hexamethonium 1 and 3 mg/kg i.v. was associated with a marked fall in peripheral vascular resistance and some reduction of maximum acceleration and cardiac output, the hypotension during ventilation with 1 and 2% halothane was associated with a large reduction in maximum acceleration (i.e. cardiac depression) and cardiac output with a relatively small fall in peripheral vascular resistance. In closed-chest dogs 1�2% halothane caused falls in arterial blood pressure and heart rate similar to those after hexamethonium 1�3 mg/kg i.v. without comparable impairment of either vagally-induced bradycardia or the contractions of the nictitating membrane due to sympathetic nerve stimulation. Ganglion blockade did, however, become prominent with concentrations of 4% halothane. It is thought that diminished central vasomotor tone, a reduction of the effects of the sympathetic mediator on blood vessels and a direct relaxant effect of halothane on vascular smooth muscle also contribute importantly to the peripheral vascular depression.

Labor begins when the dam has reached her full gestation period. Pebbles locked on October 28, 2008 & delivered on December 31, 2008 a total of 65 days.

She will show signs of wanting to nest, be very restless, start digging & may not leave your side. The dam may also vomit at the onset of labor. This is a normal process in which you shouldn't be alarmed.

Place her inside her whelping box and let nature take its course. Comfort her and talk to her & let her know she is safe.

Stage One:

During stage one the dam will seek out a quiet place away from the other; her whelping box. She will begin to nest and dig as shown in my video.

This stage normally last 6-12 hours in which the uterine wall begins to contract. She will have these contractions to help dilate her cervix. My Pebbles started at 4pm and her first baby was born around 9:30pm breech presentation.

Most dams at this point exhibit very few signs & you may be unsure if it is actual labor. I did a temperature check when my female showed these signs. Her temperature in the morning was 36.8C & 37.3C so I was unsure.

Then one of my males came into the same room where she was and she jumped out of her whelping box and nearly attacked him. From that moment on I was sure that labor had started.

Stage Two:

In stage two the uterine contractions become more forceful. The puppy is pushed into the uterus. When the uterus contracts it tightens, pushing the baby against the cervix. This stimulates active labor.

Inbetween each contraction the female will rest. At this point the dam will start to pant, nest some more and vomit.

Normal delivery of the puppies are done laying down. However some may squat or stand. My Pebbles squated and stood for the delivery of her litter.

The crevix opens into the vaginal canal. When the cervix is completely dilated the puppy slides into the vagina. The bag around the puppy can be seen bulging through the lips of the vulva as shown below.

Any pups sold can be returned to my home if they are unwanted. I do not wish to see any of my babies placed in animal shelters to be destroyed. A copy of this info will be in my contract. Please enjoy your stay & if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me.
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