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Yorkshire Terriers Heat Cycle


Yorkie: Ninja, Pebbles & Lexie; Locked October 28 & 29th. Gave birth to Twinkles 3oz. Dec. 31, 2008 @ 11:48pm. Gestation 65 days.


Female dogs become sexually mature when they have their first heat period, usually between six to tweleve months old. Toy breeds become sexually mature at an earlier age compaired to larger breeds. Usually at the age of 7 or 8 the female dog will cease theirbreeding cycle.

Females generally come into heat every five to nine months having two heat cycles per year. My females came into heat at six months old and nine months old. It is best to wait till their second heat cycle before mating.


The heat cycle normally last an average of 21 days. During the first week of the females cycle, she will bleed a bright red color. At the on set of her period there will be a pinkish or yellow discharge from the vulva. The vulva will also swell to 3x it's normal size. Females around this time will be very needy and will seek more attention than usual from their owners.

A chemical substance called pheromones are produced by the female which attracks males. During her first week of her cycle she will not have any interest in breeding. Her second week is when she will become more receptive to the male & normally last 7-10 days. Discharge at this time is normally a pinkish color.

Ovulations starts around the 12th day of her cycle. This is the time she can become pregnant. She will flag her male by raising her pelvic and moving from side to side. She will present her vulva to him and if receptive the male will mount her.

The final stage is when she will not allow the male to mount her anymore. He normally will become uninterested in her at this time. Her vulva will return to normal and discharge will cease.


Normally many wait till the 10-14th day to breed their female's. This is the time when the eggs will be released for fertilization. Sperm can live upto seven days. However the eggs from the female need to mature for three days in the oviducts before they can be fertilized.

Any pups sold can be returned to my home if they are unwanted. I do not wish to see any of my babies placed in animal shelters to be destroyed. A copy of this info will be in my contract. Please enjoy your stay & if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me.

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